This video explains the benefits of Medical Marijuana


How much will it cost?

The cost of your Medical Marijuana Card may include the following:

  • $45- Up-To-Date Exam for Current Medical Record
  • $90-New/Renew Medical Marijuana Certification
  • $150-AZDHS Medical Marijuana Application Fee
  • $75-AZDHS SNAP Medical Marijuana Application Fee (must be currently receiving Food Stamps (SNAP)

*We accept debit cards, or cash for these fees


Simple steps to obtaining an arizona medical marijuana card

Gather Medical Records


If you have seen a doctor for your qualifying condition, please gather medical records from them that are within the past 12 months confirming the condition. Need help? Let us know and we can have you sign a release form to get your records for you during your appointment. 

Our fax number is:


Information Needed to provide AZDHS in your application


AZDHS will only accept the following as Identification:

  • Arizona ID card or Driver's License
  • U.S. Passport 
  • Arizona Medical Marijuana Card, current or expired

Contact us for Appointment or ask us about walk-in times


We are open six days a week and have a doctor in everyday. Appointments are not always necessary but it does help eliminate possible long waits to see the doctor.

Call us when you are ready:


Or send us an email at

See Our Doctor


This is usually 15 minutes talking with our physician about your qualifying condition and how you may benefit from Medical Marijuana. 

After Seeing the Doctor


After your visit with the physician, the payment for the certification is due and your picture is taken for your Medical Marijuana Card. If we are ready to file, your application fee will be due as well. Your application will be submitted within 24 hours. 

Wait for The Card to come in the Mail


Once a patient is filed, AZDHS needs time to process your application and mail your card to you. This time is usually within 2 weeks.  This card will expire in two years after issuance. 

any questions?


Want to check the status of your application?

Not sure what the Laws/Rules are for Medical Marijuana?

Have a question about Medical Marijuana that you want to ask AZDHS?

AZDHS Medical Marijuana Department phone number is 602-364-1793 or click on the link below to see what others have asked. 

Not quite the answers you are looking for?

Give us a call, we love helping patients, even if you didn't go through us.